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The Moral Animal–How Religion Survives

Commentators and scholars have trumpeted the demise of religion for many years. Recently, writers like Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins have declared that in this age of science, religious beliefs hold no validity. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, chief rabbi of England, explained that organized religion will remain effective, because its growth follows something of […]

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Writing “Lists” for the Fall Season

Many of us keep lists, a “to-do” list, projects we are working on, things needed at the store. Some even make lists based on an over abundance of lists. Back in Genesis, we have a genealogical list of humankind, one of many lists in the Torah. What do you put on the priority list of […]

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Preparing for the New Year

We are in the midst of Elul, the month of preparation before the New Year. We have so many great things and gifts for which we express our gratitude. But we also need to make things better, and atone for our mistakes. Atonement is an idea that may be hard to swallow. The Mishnah teaches: […]

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