Cantor Ephraim A. Herrera


Ephraim Abel Herrera is an experienced singer in classical music. He has sung in Israel with Rinat National Choir, The Great Synagogue of Jerusalem and in various venues in Israel and Europe, as a soloist and ensemble singer. He gave a major recital in Yaroslavl, Russia in the Philharmonic Hall, with the welcoming of the turn of the century in 2000. Mr. Herrera has performed as a professional singer and as a pianist in various hotels in the United States and in Israel. He has worked as a professional accompanist and piano entertainer playing in different styles.

Ephraim believes that all types of music make the world go around. He is a passionate lover of opera and enjoys singing Ladino music, the music of his Sephardic roots.

Ephraim resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He still has many ties to his beloved Boston, Massachusetts. He was the executive music director of Labyrinth Choir, a professional vocal ensemble based in Boston metro west. From time to time, the music director, Dr. Anita Kupriss will call him with some questions of pronunciation of Hebrew and Spanish. These questions are a part of the fabric of his life and it shows his love of Hebrew and our Jewish traditions.

Mr. Herrera has a vocal studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico  and teaches out of his home to the not too young and never too old.