Re-learning Torah

In the Torah portion Be-Ha’alotecha (Numbers) Moses reminds the people that they should keep the Passover, and if they have not celebrated the festival, as did most of the people, then there are rules for celebrating it again. This suggests that some of the Israelites had a memory “lapse,” since everyone heard the laws of Passover at the end of the Leviticus reading, where the entire calendar was enunciated. Do we have similar memory problems? Do we not forget how to do things, or forget important names, over and again? No matter how much we learn and accomplish, we are also prone to forgetting our knowledge. Perhaps this implies that learning is re-learning, that we are called to study again and again. The word for “teaching” in Hebrew also means to count or repeat. Learning comes from repetition and hard work. How do we apply this idea in our daily lives?